Feeling at home

The Pre-Primary Section of our school is a melting pot of 'magical' moments and joyous learning experiences, wherein each little Goenkan is enveloped in lots of unconditional love and care. As our little ones step into the portals of our school, they are empowered with tools that not only draw out their dormant talent and skills, but also enhance their self esteem and develop their potential as human beings.Each member of the school community takes immense pride in the fact that for our little ones, their school is a home away from home.. Our campus accommodation is second to none. Purpose built residences provides rooms for around 500 students. Our accommodation is well furnished and maintained to a high standard with 24 hrs receptionist & house parent to ensure security, parent care & valuable metering in studies. All rooms have high speed network/internet access. Experiential learning is the hallmark of the holistic education that we provide to our students. Each activity pursued by them is explicitly related to a specific learning outcome. The projection of the 'thematic approach' to teaching and learning is emphasized, so that various academic areas are taught in an interdisciplinary manner, making them relevant to the child's development. To ensure the success of our educational endeavours we work together as a union of parents, teachers and students and focus on constantly enhancing our teaching practice and student learning, whilst developing even stronger links with the community. The Pre Primary Section of our school is the foundation of each little Goenkan's 'journey of learning'. It is here that we provide them with the 'wind under their wings' to help them soar high and achieve excellence and live up to the school motto-HIGHER, STRONGER, BRIGHTER!!